If you know what you want to say, but donít know how to say it, then accept my congratulations! Youíve come to the right place. In ancient times people with this problem went to see their local scribe. They knew what they wanted to say Ė but they just didnít have the right words. The scribe was a specialist in knowing just how to express his clientís thoughts. Youíve just stumbled onto the website of a modern-day scribe!

 TBTV is the trading name I use for producing video and film programmes for corporate clients. These productions could be for training people or for use in some promotional role, or maybe for internal communications, to launch a new product, to keep the sales force up to speed, whatever. You can find out how a programme is conceived, developed, and budgeted elsewhere on this site.

 But the business of making any kind of TV show has to start with a worthwhile idea closely followed by a script to turn that original concept into an exciting, motivational production.

 I have built up an expertise over the last four decades in knowing what to write, and how to write it, to make the maximum impact on an audience. That audience might be in front of a screen or live in a conference venue, perhaps attending a product launch or strategy seminar. It might be an audience of one, or ten thousand. It might be in one place or scattered across the globe, hooked up by satellite.

 Having gone to the trouble of gaining peopleís attention, itís foolish to ruin the opportunity by expecting them to listen to something thatís badly-constructed and badly-delivered. Any speech or presentation, even a question and answer session, will benefit from a critical look by an objective outside specialist with no personal (or corporate) axe to grind.

 So, if you were thinking of making a movie to better your business Ė great. Weíd love to help.

 But if you just want to make a better-than-usual presentation at the next quarterly field meeting, then thatís great, too.

 Whatever you want the words for - Iím here to write them for you. Please email me. Kind regards, Tony Bastable .



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